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US-9874941-B2: Sliding-type signal input device patent, US-RE37224-E: Method to prevent fertilization in mammals by administering a single dose of zona pellucida derived antigens, liposome and adjuvant patent, US-8624460-B2: MP-T II machines patent, US-8635548-B2: Configuring a page for drag and drop arrangement of content artifacts in a page development tool patent, US-8640740-B2: Embedded metallic tubes with compression fit and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-8648555-B2: Method and system for controlling an electric motor at or near stall conditions patent, US-8650597-B2: Home network system and method of recording broadcasting content thereof patent, US-8667313-B2: Apparatus and method for reducing power consumption in system on chip patent, US-8683672-B2: Nanomaterial-based gas sensors patent, US-8701349-B2: Guide arrangement for a movable window pane, in particular of a motor vehicle patent, US-8764944-B2: Coke oven comprising tertiary heating elements in the gas chamber patent, US-8777494-B2: Rolling bearing, its use, and a motor vehicle fitted with such a rolling bearing patent, US-8806245-B2: Memory read timing margin adjustment for a plurality of memory arrays according to predefined delay tables patent, US-8823888-B2: Liquid crystal parallax barrier with strip-shaped and step-shaped electrodes and application thereof patent, US-8825432-B2: Method for estimating maximum power of a circuit and apparatus thereof patent, US-8851806-B2: Apparatus for the conveying of plastics material preforms patent, US-8868881-B2: Data translation system and method patent, US-8887471-B2: Strut, system and method for a solar mirror frame patent, US-8906838-B2: Microelectronic cleaning and arc remover compositions patent, US-8907527-B2: Contactless power-feed equipment patent, US-8930737-B2: Method and devices for controlling operations of a central processing unit patent, US-8961309-B2: System and method for using a touchscreen as an interface for music-based gameplay patent, US-8966651-B2: Digital rights management (DRM) locker patent, US-8974170-B2: Position adjustment assembly for an agricultural conveyor patent, US-8996771-B1: System and method for communication via universal serial bus patent, US-9068099-B2: Hydrophobic coatings that provide renewable hydrophilic surface patent, US-9076069-B2: Registering metadata apparatus patent, US-9093880-B2: Permanent magnet motor patent, US-9097236-B2: Method of operating a wind power plant patent, US-9124053-B2: Cordage restraint and management system patent, US-9130387-B2: Hybrid integrated wind-solar-diesel-city power supply system patent, US-9135631-B2: Computer-vision content detection for sponsored stories patent, US-9147794-B2: Three terminal thin film photovoltaic module and their methods of manufacture patent, US-9155459-B2: Methods and systems for observation of tympanic function patent, US-9168453-B2: Puzzle and its manufacturing process patent, US-9196998-B1: Electrical outlet cover patent, US-9201328-B2: Core material for resin-filled ferrite carrier and ferrite carrier for electrophotographic developer, and electrophotographic developer using the ferrite carrier patent, US-9210261-B2: Systems and methods of transferring user information to different devices patent, US-9216617-B2: Anti-skid device patent, US-9237656-B2: Method of manufacturing multi-layer wiring board patent, US-9291245-B2: Automatic transmission for vehicle patent, US-9304403-B2: System and method for lithography alignment patent, US-9330978-B2: Semiconductor device patent, US-9357339-B2: Proxy communication system and control method thereof in ban environment patent, US-9373580-B2: Dual hard mask lithography process patent, US-9414721-B2: System for dispensing non-intertwined wet wipes in a rigid container patent, US-9436303-B2: Input device control apparatus and input device control method patent, US-9498377-B2: Vibrating surgical device for removal of vitreous and other tissue patent, US-9513534-B2: Mobil device and optical imaging lens having four lens elements thereof patent, US-9540164-B1: Time-delay actuator assembly for an aerosol container patent, US-9542221-B2: Dynamic co-scheduling of hardware contexts for parallel runtime systems on shared machines patent, US-9543997-B2: System and method for a mixer patent, US-9579432-B2: VAD integrated flow sensor patent, US-9584483-B2: Method and apparatus for transmitting an NFC application via a secure channel including a proxy and computing device patent, US-9588728-B2: Mobile display system and mobile display device patent, US-9611087-B2: Supporting device and assembly, and method for mounting a pair of wiper blades patent, US-9666501-B2: Semiconductor device including a lead frame patent, US-9677041-B2: Culture apparatus with condensation control patent, US-9678403-B2: Transmissive optical shutter and method of fabricating the same patent, US-9678830-B2: Recovery improvement for quiesced systems patent, US-9686055-B2: Synchronizing peer-to-peer operation for outside network coverage and partial network coverage using LTE air interface patent, US-9690801-B1: Techniques for improving deduplication efficiency in a storage system with multiple storage nodes patent, US-9705615-B2: Apparatus for transmitting and receiving a signal and method of transmitting and receiving a signal patent, US-9725449-B2: Tricyclic compounds as anticancer agents patent, US-9729061-B2: Boost regulator having adaptive dead time patent, US-9730002-B2: Mechanical enclosures for a communication device patent, US-9766684-B2: Telemetry for power and thermal management patent, US-9769765-B2: System and method for direct mobile communications power control patent, US-9845685-B2: Process for producing a run-in coating patent, US-9850846-B1: Cylinder liner and method of forming the same patent, US-9851724-B2: Automatic take-off and landing control device patent, US-9860720-B2: Digital mobile radio cellular messaging patent, US-9865653-B2: High density resistive random access memory (RRAM) patent, US-9871985-B2: Solid-state image pickup device and electronic apparatus including a solid-state image pickup device having high and low sensitivity pixels patent, US-9875349-B2: Locking and unlocking a mobile device using facial recognition patent, US-RE31125-E: Articulated vehicle steering system patent, US-RE32546-E: Apparatus for securing an electronic unit to an avionics tray patent, US-RE36216-E: Winch having automatic brake patent, US-8620871-B2: Determining component usage for databases patent, US-8628576-B2: Expandable intervertebral implants and instruments patent, US-8660985-B2: Multi-dimensional OLAP query processing method oriented to column store data warehouse patent, US-8673671-B2: Methods and devices for fabricating tri-layer beams patent, US-8675937-B2: Method for increasing the quality of computer tomographic recording series by projection data processing and CT system having a computation unit patent, US-8692529-B1: Low noise, low dropout voltage regulator patent, US-8701916-B2: Plastic pan and drain plug assembly patent, US-8707778-B2: Transmission device for transmitting information about tire condition and tire condition monitoring system patent, US-8716232-B2: Use of endostatin peptides for the treatment of fibrosis patent, US-8728060-B2: Infusion device provided with a water-tight cover patent, US-8767421-B2: Power converter bus control method, system, and article of manufacture patent, US-8793159-B2: Method and apparatus for providing card-less reward program patent, US-8806691-B2: Electric toothbrush patent, US-8838309-B2: Method and device for operating a hybrid drive for a vehicle patent, US-8952862-B2: Device for coupling and fastening a radiating element of an antenna and method of assembling an antenna patent, US-8971356-B2: Timing over packet demarcation entity patent, US-8976024-B2: Systems and methods for electronic control device with deactivation alert patent, US-9023239-B2: Ink for organic light-emitting element and a method for producing the same patent, US-9056101-B2: Dosing regimens for the treatment of lysosomal storage diseases using pharmacological chaperones patent, US-9086842-B2: Electronic device with a pivoting mechanism capable of providing different torques patent, US-9087891-B2: Semiconductor device, semiconductor wafer and manufacturing method of semiconductor device patent, US-9134431-B2: Radiation detector patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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