Repondeur telephonique associant des donnees affichees a un message vocal enregistre

Telefonanrufbeantworter mit zuordnung von angezeigten daten zu aufgezeichneten sprachnachrichten

Telephone answering device linking displayed data with recorded audio message


A telephone answering device (TAD) (25) which includes a means of intelligently organizing voice messages, associated entered codes such as personal IDs and home telephone numbers, and information stored in the memory of the TAD. These codes or numbers are decoded by means of the caller entering DTMF signals into the telephone which are recognized, recorded and processed by the TAD. When processed with codes and personal information previously entered into the device's memory, the TAD displays (32) the identity of the callers for each message, thus providing a menu of choices, i.e., a list of callers. This enables the user to access messages in a selective manner based on the identity of the caller. The need to listen to the actual voice messages to determine the caller's identity and the need to listen to the messages sequentially or chronologically is obviated, saving both time and effort.




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