Composition pour le soin du cheveu

Hair-care treatment composition


Disclosed is a novel hair-care treatment composition which can be in a variety of preparation forms such as hair sprays and hair rinse compositions capable of imparting users thereof with an excellent feeling of use not only during but also after the hair-care treatment by using the same. Characteristically, the hair-care treatment composition of the invention is compounded, besides various kinds of base ingredients acceptable for toiletry preparations, with a limited amount of a powder of composite silicone particles, each particle consisting of a core of a cured silicone rubber and a cladding layer of a polyorganosilsesquioxane resin. The composite silicone particles can be prepared by the hydrolysis-condensation reaction of an organotrialkoxy silane in an aqueous suspension of spherical particles of a cured silicone rubber prepared by the hydrosilation reaction between a vinyl-containing organopolysiloxane and an organohydrogen polysiloxane as jointly emulsified in an aqueous medium.




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