Gas supply device and air or nitrogen supply device for nuclear power plant



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To remotely control an operation valve such as an air-operated valve even in the case where a power source is lost.SOLUTION: A gas supply device comprises: an operation valve which is installed in the middle of piping for flowing of at least gas in a plant and operates a valve body with gas flowing within the piping; a solenoid valve installed in the middle of the piping and opens/closes the flow of gas to the operation valve; and a gas supply source for supplying gas to the solenoid valve. In an exhaust line of the solenoid valve, a changeover valve is installed for switching gas exhaustion from the solenoid valve and air supply to the solenoid valve and in the case where a power source is lost, the changeover valve is switched to connection with the gas supply source in order to supply gas to the solenoid valve.
【課題】 電源喪失時においても空気作動弁等の作動弁を遠隔操作できること。 【解決手段】 本発明の気体供給装置は、上記課題を解決するために、プラントにおける少なくとも気体を流すための配管の途中に設置され、該配管内を流れる気体により弁本体を動作させる作動弁と、前記配管の途中に設置され、前記作動弁への気体の流れの開閉を行う電磁弁と、該電磁弁に気体を供給する気体供給源とを備え、前記電磁弁の排気ラインに、前記電磁弁からの排気と該電磁弁への給気を切替える切替弁が設置され、該切替弁は、電源喪失時には、前記電磁弁に気体を供給するために前記気体供給源との接続に切替えられることを特徴とする。 【選択図】図2




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