LED lighting device and headlamp system


【課題】永久磁石式の交流発電機の出力を電源とするLED式前照灯用のLED点灯装置を簡素かつ安価に構成する。 【解決手段】LED式前照灯2に供給する電流を、交流発電機1とLED式前照灯2の間に配置したトランジスタTrを有する定電流出力部12により生成し、概ね一定の当LED式前照灯2への出力電圧を制御用電源部14に引き込んで制御部13の電源として使用する。 【選択図】図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To simply and inexpensively configure an LED lighting device for an LED-type headlamp using output of a permanent magnet-type AC generator as a power source.SOLUTION: An electric current for being supplied to an LED-type headlamp 2 is generated by a constant current output part 12 having a transistor Tr arranged between an AC generator 1 and the LED-type headlamp 2, and an approximately constant output voltage to the LED-type headlamp 2 is led into a power source part 14 for control and used as a power source for a control part 13.




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