Electrolyte membrane-electrode structure with resin frame for fuel cell and method for producing the same



【課題】樹脂枠付き電解質膜・電極構造体を簡単且つ確実に製造することができ、作業性及び生産性の向上を図ることが可能な、しかも電解質膜・電極構造体の端部構造を容易且つ精度良く製造することができる。 【解決手段】樹脂枠付き電解質膜・電極構造体10の製造方法は、固体高分子電解質膜18の外周18eを樹脂枠部材24の内周24aに埋設する工程と、カソード電極20及びアノード電極22を前記樹脂枠部材24の前記内周24aに収容させるとともに、前記固体高分子電解質膜18の両面18a、18bに当接させた状態で、一体化させる工程と、を有している。 【選択図】図7
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method by which an electrolyte membrane-electrode structure with a resin frame can be produced simply and reliably, workability and productivity can be improved, and further an end structure of an electrolyte membrane-electrode structure can be produced easily and accurately.SOLUTION: A method for producing an electrolyte membrane-electrode structure 10 with a resin frame includes the steps of: embedding an outer periphery 18e of a solid polymer electrolyte membrane 18 into an inner periphery 24a of a resin frame member 24; and accommodating a cathode electrode 20 and an anode electrode 22 into the inner periphery 24a of the resin frame member 24 to be integrated while the cathode electrode and the anode electrode are brought into contact with both surfaces 18a, 18b of the solid polymer electrolyte membrane 18.




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