On-vehicle radar device and method for detecting target of interest adapted for on-vehicle radar device



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To reduce the probability of occurrence of interference and detect a target with high accuracy, and to reduce power consumption.SOLUTION: The present invention comprises: a transmission antenna (103); a plurality of reception antennas (104); a signal processing unit (108) for generating a beat signal corresponding to a received signal and applying signal processing to the generated signal to detect a target; a target of interest detection unit (109) for detecting a target of interest on the basis of the result of detection by the signal processing unit; a target of interest detection state determination unit (110) for determining whether a detection state of the target of interest satisfies a predetermined determination condition; and a control unit (101) for selecting, when the detection state of the target of interest satisfies the determination condition, a transmission signal for stopping transmission from among a plurality of transmission signals, and controlling transmission/reception processing by the transmission antenna and reception antenna and signal processing by the signal processing unit according to the selected transmission signal.
【課題】干渉の発生確率を低減し、精度良くターゲットを検知するとともに、消費電力の低減を図る。 【解決手段】送信アンテナ(103)と、複数の受信アンテナ(104)と、受信信号に対応するビート信号を生成して信号処理を施すことで、ターゲットを検出する信号処理部(108)と、信号処理部による検出結果に基づいて注目ターゲットを検出する注目ターゲット検出部(109)と、注目ターゲットの検知状態があらかじめ決められた判定条件を満たすか否かを判定する注目ターゲット検知状態判定部(110)と、注目ターゲットの検知状態が判定条件を満たす場合には、複数の送信信号のうち、送信を休止する送信信号を選択し、選択した送信信号に応じて送信アンテナおよび受信アンテナによる送受信処理および信号処理部による信号処理を制御する制御部(101)とを備える。 【選択図】図1




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