Method of manufacturing electrophotographic photoreceptor



【課題】下引き層の形成方法において、有機溶剤の使用量を削減しつつ、長時間の保管後の下引き層用塗布液の安定性を向上させ、下引き層表面の均一性の高い電子写真感光体を製造する方法を提供する。 【解決手段】25℃1気圧における水に対する溶解度が3.0質量%以下の液体と、電子輸送物質とを含有する溶液を調製し、該溶液を水に分散させて乳化液を調製する工程、および該乳化液の塗膜を支持体上に形成し、該塗膜を加熱することにより、該下引き層を形成する工程を有することを特徴とする電子写真感光体の製造方法。 【選択図】なし
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an electrophotographic photoreceptor having a high uniformity in an under coating layer, in which stability of a coating liquid for the under coating layer is improved after long hours of preservation while reducing the amount of using an organic solvent, relating to a formation method of the under coating layer.SOLUTION: A method of manufacturing an electrophotographic photoreceptor includes a step in which a solution is prepared which contains electron transportation material and a liquid whose solubility to water at 1 atmosphere and 25°C is 3.0 mass % or less, and the solution is dispersed in water to prepare emulsion, and a step in which a coating film of the emulsion is formed on a supporting body, and by heating the coating film the under coating layer is formed.




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